Town rules

Town rules

Please read the town rules before you visit me :

~don´t  run

~don´t chop trees down

~don´t steel anythink and for the ones  they mean: ” she won`t seen that ” every day I go around my town

~feel free to buy things and visit neighbors

~please tell me when you pick up a design

~DON`T seed me or use cheat modules without permission

~and have fun 🙂



  1. Those are fair rules Becci 🙂

  2. I agree with those. Seeding has gotten to scare me 0.o I keep thinking when my town gets nice someone will come and seed it and then the world will end DX>

    • jep i think its scary when u go aotside and see a second nook or something else

  3. This is a nice and fair rules page!
    I just thought I’d tell you that when you wrote
    ~don´t steel anythink and for the ones they mean: ” she don´t seen that ” every day I go around my town
    (Just to help you, no offense or anything, this is supposed to be friendly! :P)
    Change it to:
    ~Don’t steal anything. For people who think “she won’t see that”, everyday I go around my town.

    • oh thnx

  4. good rules becci i am 1 who has actually experienced seeding i mean i can easily get rid of it but when i do my towns deleted even tho i use animalmap all the time just to make my town a little nicer i dont use it to hack as i find it just wrong im now a little scared of seeding ive had it done twice on my last town elysion and i had to delete it. so careful who you add k sorry for the long post folks

    • its OK and useful 😉

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