Posted by: Becci | September 4, 2010

Sorry for my lazyness xD

Sorry that is was so lazy i found some pics and I even dont know from what date they are :mrgreen: .

3.8 (?) Meet Mayu and Erin

Are you hungry XD.

I trapped Erin and Mayu.

Now Erin trapped Mayu and me XD.

And a Good bye pic ^.*

6.8  Confusing Wi-Fi

Here I am with Mayu, Lynette and Ace (Ryan) in Mitsukyo.

After that I found Dr. Shrunk awww ~~*SHYNESS*~~ XD

Hehe…………. 😆

With out words…

OH thats Timber from Paris who I met later.

But we soon went to Chelue 😉 . The other girl is India from Mexico.

The boy is Ace (thanks for the Hot-Dog dress again)

Then we wanted to go to Mirkwood but I saw another gate open and it was Mitsukyo so I went there. The ghost-girl is Lynette from Pokeland a very nice and polite girl 😉 .

I found Ace in Mitsukyo. Hehe are you OK Mayu? XD

Click another funny pic 😆 .

Ouch (>.<)

Thats the last pic befor Mayu had to go afk.

Befor I had to go i found this grass :aroll:

So thats all byee



  1. Ich verstehe nicht so viel davon 😀

    • ist nicht schlimm 😀

  2. lol xD

    • XD

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