Posted by: Becci | September 4, 2010

A present for two good friends


I made this pic for Mayu and Rory BFFS forever! ^^

ps: the pic belong to Mayu cause I dont had a good pic.

ps2: I wish Nici were on the pic to so Nici when I ve a pic of you I will edit it too 😉



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I think I will visit that site and make a pic too :)))

    P.S. I LOVE your blog!!!!

    • thank you for your nice commet i love your blog too 😉

  2. 😯
    SOOORRRYYY that it took such a long time until I’ve seen that wonderful present!! 😳
    It’s AWESOME!!
    Thanks a lot Becci! 😀
    Next time I wish you’re also on the pic xDD

    • hehe yes but actually i not own a good pic XD

  3. […] showed on her blog on Sept 4th (yes, it’s a LOOONG time ago, argh) a pretty edited picture of Rory and me, being […]

  4. […] and Miki: BFF’ from: Becci Date: Sep 4th, […]

  5. Hi Becci Im Taking a 4 Mon. Break From Acww…I Have a Pressie For U Though And Im Having a Giveaway 😀

    • A pressie for me?! awwwwwwwwww~<3

      • Yes Of Course I Know We Hardly Wi-Fied Buh Friends Are Friends And Your a Special One 😀

      • aww~ ty

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