Posted by: Becci | July 2, 2010

Hope & Trust Hotel

Last Friday I was going to take a bed in Hannahs hotel the “Hope & Trust Hotel”

Very nice here 😀 .

When you look on the pic you see how long I stay.

Falling asleep in the comforty bed. 😀

Here I brought bell bags to Olinda. Now the hotel will get bigger 😀 .

Hannah pay off her loan yay. But then Wi-Fi crashed 😦 .

After the crash I seen a big bug on a coconut tree and told it Hannah. Yay she got it 😀 .

Then she hat to go to bed. Goodbye and good luck with your hotel 🙂 .



  1. Hi Becci, Nice blog! Im adding you to my blogroll ok?

  2. Thanks Becci! I’m really glad you could come!

  3. I m very glad that I ve seen your hotel

    • Next I’ll make a boys room and make the room you stayed in a girls room 😉

  4. Hi again Becci! Wow, such nice, big pics in all your posts ^^ I hope you don’t mind me adding you to my blogroll! :mrgreen:

    • its done :mrgreen:

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