Posted by: Becci | May 28, 2010

New friends and loads of fun

Can you guess were I am ?

Yes in Mitsokyo ( hope I write it correct )

The new face (glasses xp) is lilli from liv ville nice to meet you.

Hey Miki i ve an allergic XD.

After wi-fi crash Miki was clean xp.

Then I saw this Manga Miki. How sweet I want this eyes.

Awww sweet O.O .

When Miki has to go I open instants.

Sorry that I didnt took more pic but my cam was dead X.X .



  1. Awww, I’m so thankful to see me having the green anime eyes!! xD
    Several times people told me that they’ve seen green anime eyes on my chara, but I myself couldn’t see them yet! 😆
    Thanks for this great pic! 😉
    And all the other photos are really excellent, they are way sharper than mine lol!

    • i like green anime eyes i want that they re used in the game and sorry but what mean sharper in german ?

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