Posted by: Becci | May 5, 2010

rory from london


                                                                 yeah i went to rorys town london


                                                     thats her lovely main room i like it a lot 😀


                                                       haha we look bored 🙂


                                                       thats her trendy upper room 😉


                                                       i use the telephone but i don`t want to tell what it says 😉


                                                          than wi fi crash meeeeeeeeeeh 😦 but i go back


                                                   here you can see the map of London pretty :-O


                                                      jump out off a pitfall XD                                        



net fight yeah

then miki droppet by but but all pictures of her are blurry 😦 

 it was a great evening with you 2



  1. Yay, your first post with pics, you did it very well! 😀

    But the pics are huge, when you click on them xD
    I liked especially the first one, that looks cool where you just ran away ^^
    And netfight is really big fun!! 😆

    • haha thnx for the nich comment 🙂

  2. I love your pics! I want my camera back! and then no more blurry pics! can I have our photos of your best moments? I want to put the photo in my best moments 2
    Rory 😀

  3. great ty 🙂

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